Ensuring Success In Your Tourism Business After Covid-19

As a tourism marketing agency, we care very deeply about the success of the hospitality, travel and tourism sectors. Since the onslaught of Covid-19, it is no secret that the tourism sector was hit very hard. Although it is still recovering, things are looking up.

However, even though the world seems to be recovering slowly but surely, there are a number of lingering fears among customers, as well as reduced spending power among consumers.

Therefore, leisure travel is still far less than what it once was. However, with the right marketing approach, tourism travel and hospitality companies can still succeed and grow their market share significantly.

Here are some things to ponder regarding how to market your travel-based business successfully in a post-Covid-19 world.

Mindful Messaging

On the one hand, customers who want to travel and get away for a vacation do not want to be constantly bombarded with the brutal and unpleasant realities of Covid-19. On the other hand, they do want to be made to feel safe.

Therefore, it is important to be mindful of the messaging that’s put forward in your marketing. You want to create the feeling that your business is conscious of the dangers of Covid-19 and other similar diseases and is thus equipped and prepared to create a hygienic and infection-free experience for customers in which they can feel safe and have fun.


The slowdown in travel activity caused by Covid-19 has provided a great opportunity for companies operating in the hospitality, tourism and travel sectors to reassess their positions in the market as well as the state of the competition. Not all companies will recover in the same way or at the same pace, and the market might take unexpected shapes in years to come.

This is a good opportunity and a good time to re-evaluate where your company fits in and what your strategy going forward will be so that you can best take advantage of any new gaps that may arise as a result of the waves caused by the pandemic.


Given the inherent weakness in the travel sector on the back of the pandemic, it is more crucial than ever for travel companies to double down on their communication efforts with their clientele.

It is important to ensure that your brand messaging is on point and that you regularly touch base with your customers. Whatever restructuring needs to be done, or whatever new technologies need to be implemented to ensure that customers can reach you and remain in touch, then that needs to be done.

Customers who cannot connect with the company through which they wish to travel will likely turn to a more reachable competitor.

As a world-class tourism marketing agency, Purple Rocket Digital can help ensure your business rebuilds and recovers its client base post-Covid-19. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.