Top 5 Ways To Market Your Car Rental Business

Marketing a car rental business is no easy task. At first, you have to establish a firm hold in your community. Since car rental still relies on having premises to house your vehicles; it needs to be advertised on a local level. In recent years, the growth of digital marketing has expanded the avenues by which you can do this.
Let’s talk about the top 5 ways you can go about marketing your car rental business to an online world. If you are successful, you can get more traffic for car rental both in the real world, and in the digital one.
Online marketing can drive traffic to your website
Online marketing for car rental businesses is just as essential as it is for any other business. The modern world, like it or not, is going digital. The younger generation of consumers do the majority of their shopping online and spend hours per day browsing. If you want to be in with a chance of leaching some of that business then you need to be using online marketing.
Don’t panic! We have the top five techniques you can use to put your car rental business on the digital map. Let’s discuss the ins and outs of online marketing for car rental in more detail.
The Top 5 Ways Online Marketing Can Boost Car Rental Business
1 – You NEED A Good Looking Website
Owning a website is marketing for car rental businesses 101. Your website is the online representation of your business. If you are currently getting by on a few choice social media pages then stop it, set up a website, and do both.
Why is a website vital online marketing for car rental businesses? Your website is essentially your online shop floor. Clients are much more likely to use the internet to seek out car rental because, the majority of the time that someone needs to hire a car, they are going to be travelling away from home.
How likely are you to pick up the phone and call a car hire firm in another country? That’s right… You’re not. The smart consumer would go online to book instead and save the cost of the phone call. If you don’t have a website you are neglecting most of your market.
It isn’t just that you have a website either. It needs to be smart, professional, good looking and engaging. If the pages run too slow, look unorganised, or are difficult to understand; your users will go elsewhere for an easier service.
So… if you want to use online marketing to get more traffic for car rental sites – you need to make sure the landing pages are perfect. You need to work with experienced people who understand user journeys and know how to drive traffic to your site, as well as how to convert that traffic into sales.
2 – Up your SEO Game
SEO isn’t that difficult when you know how. However, if you don’t know how then don’t ignore it. Again, you can hire specialist firms who will make the most of your core keywords to maximise your online visibility.
Basically, your use and frequency of keywords directly relate to the words that potential customer’s type in to try and find a product or service like yours. Running a blog that frequently hits these keywords makes your chances greater. So does adding your business to Google My Business. All of these will boost your SEO rankings and get you successfully providing marketing for your car rental business.
It is well known that the top three results on any given search engine take up the majority of the traffic… around 70% of the total. Working on your firm’s SEO position ups your chances of getting into the top three for various keywords. Study it or hire an expert… but whatever you do don’t ignore it.
3 – Google Ads for driving traffic
You can get more traffic for car rental by doing this one, straight-forward thing. Using Google Advertising, you can place a small and simple ad into their algorithms. This allows users to see adverts for your business and connect with you in a single click. It also allows you to steal business from competitor websites that don’t look as good as yours.
Google Ads are one of the biggest online advertisers that have one of the most extensive reaches. Online marketing for car rental is much easier when you have an online giant backing your corner. Invest a few pounds towards the digital advertising cause and start reaping the rewards.
4 – Clear Analytical Data to Learn From
IF you don’t have clear results in what is working and what isn’t, then you don’t know what to improve to make things better. Analytics and customer feedback should go hand-in-hand with your market research. The more information you have, the better equipped you are to deal with, and interpret, consumer demands.
Good analytical data on your website will also help you measure your ROI more accurately. Marketing for car rental businesses is much easier when you have a good knowledge of what your clients actually want.
5 – Maintaining your Position
Online marketing for car rental is an on-going process. Maintaining your momentum (once you have it) is the surest way to success. A single blog post won’t do – but an army of them might. Likewise, the more reviews, backlinks and interactions you have with your clients online, the better your chances of taking a solid profit on a consistent level.
If you are a small business who can’t afford to hire a specialist team then we suggest you try out some free online courses in online marketing. Your car rental business needs an online presence just as much as purely online businesses do. You have two markets to compete in now. Set up, dominate, and maintain your position.
It is the only way there is to win.
Interested in marketing your car rental business? Our experts can help you.